Editorial: Customer Service and Restaurants

The importance of great customer service in a restaurant is obvious. One bad experience can cause the customer to not return and create bad word of mouth. I remember in high school going to a Denny’s with my girlfriend. We waited for 3 hours for our food. A table of 8 sat down after us and they got their food before us. We were offered little more than an apology. Needless to say, we never went back.

Customers, in general, are more likely to complain when they are wronged then commend when something goes right. I know this from 4 and half years of experience at McDonald’s. I have seen countless times when myself or another employee go above and beyond the call of duty and the customer does little to acknowledge it. Meanwhile, someone can receive a burger with 3 pickles instead of two and the restaurant becomes a battlefield.

Customer service is meant to keep the customer feeling important to keep them coming back. In the event a mistake is made, such as messing up an order, customer service is used for customer retention. This can come in many forms. Usually what you get is slightly better than the mistake made.

Today, I wanted to share an example of extra ordinary customer service. Recently, my girlfriend and I went to a chain called Tijuana Flats. This is a place I have always found to offer great customer service. I ordered two tacos and my girlfriend ordered the same. However, she wanted hers without cheese. After receiving the orders we drove back to work. After getting to work she found that her tacos did have cheese on them. I called and explained what happened and that I was already back at work. The manager didn’t even hesitate. He apologized and offered to deliver the order to our workplace no questions asked.

For those of you unfamiliar with the place, they do not deliver. I was impressed to say the least. When the food arrived not only was it correct, but we were also given a free side and two buy one get one free coupons. This goes above and beyond. In this instance customer service was meant to retain us as a customer. I would say this did more. This example of customer service has not only ensured we come back, it has created a positive connotation of Tijuana Flats for me. I know that no matter how my day is going that I can go there and they are going to take care of me. It is a place I can eat at and know I will leave happy.The management of this particular Tijuana Flats should be commended. For that reason I would like to highlight them. They can be found at:

2020 W. Pensacola St.
Tallahassee, FL 32304


tflats 2

I hope that when I am ready to open my restaurant I can provide the level of customer service they currently give.