Editorial: Fat, Sick, and Nearly Alive

Recently I put myself through and experiment of sorts. A hard experiment. A co-worker of mine recommended a documentary to me called “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”. Since I happen to love documentaries I decided to give it a shot. So I got home one night, loaded up Netflix, and gave it a watch. I would be lying if I didn’t tell you it changed some perspective for me.

The movie is about an entrepreneur who is tired of the way he looks and feels. He also has a terrible skin disease. So, he decides to make some life changes. For 60 days he eats nothing but juice he makes from fresh fruits and vegetables. He eats about 4 meals a day. By the end of the movie he has lost 97 lbs, his skin disease is gone, and he has gotten a few other people along the way to join him. The people who join him have similar results.

The science behind this is pretty clear to me. Most americans eat terrible. As a chef, my more delicious recipes help perpetuate this. Honestly, I am fine with that. I love food, cooking, and knowing I served a delicious meal to people. None the less, I want to feel good and like the way I look. I decided to take on the challenge myself to see the results I would receive.


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Restaurant Review: Food Glorious Food


Location: 1950 Thomasville Road Tallahassee, FL 32303
Phone: (850)224-7279
Website: http://www.foodgloriousfood.com/
Dinner Prices: Meals – $7.00 to $33.00
Current Special:

Lunch: Pick 2 – A sandwich, salad, or soup for $9

Food Glorious Food is a locally owned Italian restaurant in Tallahassee. I chose to visit this restaurant because it is well-known among the foodies of Tallahassee. The restaurant has been open for over 27 years and prides itself among a changing menu and fresh ingredients. The title alone made me curious of what kind of food awaited me. Continue reading

Recipe: Teriyaki Sauce

About This Recipe

I have a confession. I love mall Chinese and Japanese food. I realize how blasphemous this might seem to my fellow foodies but it is one guilty pleasure I truly enjoy. One day I was eating Sarku in the mall when I came to the conclusion that I needed a recipe for teriyaki sauce. After all, I have never had a bottled teriyaki sauce that didn’t taste like slightly different soy sauce. After experimenting the in kitchen and a bit of research I came up with this. Turns out that store bottled teriyaki sauce is an ingredient in making the sauce I know and love.


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