Restaurant Review: Wangs Wings Tallahassee, FL


Location: 2037 West Pensacola Street Tallahassee, FL 32304
Phone: (850)597-8625
Website: None
Dinner Prices: $6.99 for 10 Wings, $9.99 for 10 Wing Combo
Current Special: None

Wangs Wings – a Wing place owned and operated by the Tokyo Robotos. Tokyo Robotos has only been open for about 4 years, but it has become a local legend among FSU students and Tallahasseians (my review of Tokyo Robotos coming in the future). Can their new restaurant meet student expectations? Find out in my full review.

I will not be scoring this review the way I traditionally for reasons stated in the review.

Atmosphere: It’s basic, which is not a bad thing. If you have been to Robotos, expect it to look and feel like that restaurant. I was the only person in the restaurant at the time, so it’s hard to judge how it feels with other people around. It’s bright, fun, and looks like the interior was designed by Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park. The bottom line: It is filled with Asian American decor. Since wing places are often times used for takeout anyway, I will not be giving this section a score. Just know it is an un-offensive environment.


Service: Again, since I was the only person in the restaurant I will not be giving this section a score. Service can be dramatically different when there is more than one person to wait on. It has the basic layout of a wing restaurant. Walk up to the counter, order, wait for your food, then bring it back to your table or home. Drinks and condiments are self-service (unless you want a special sauce). My food was ready about 8 minutes after I ordered it. I can tell you my food was cooked to order because I could see the staff making it. I can also tell you the staff was friendly and smiled a lot.

Quick note, when your food is ready they will call out your name to grab it from the window. I didn’t notice the window so I waited for them to bring my food out to me. I realized the window existed and grabbed my food. So, remember to pick up your food when they call your name.

Food: Here is a quick test to see if you will like Wangs Wings:

Do you like Chinese food?
Do you like chicken Wings?
Are you interested in eating chicken wings that are flavored like Chinese food?

If you answered yes to all 3 of these questions then you will like Wangs Wings. If that’s enough information then you may close my review now. If you want more information then keep reading.


I ordered a 10 wing combo. For $9.99 I received 10 wings (with 2 flavors), a side, and a dipping sauce. Side choices include french fries or potato salad. Dipping sauce choices were wasabi ranch or firecracker ranch.


The 1st flavor I got was shanghai buffalo. This is Wangs Wings version of the traditional buffalo wing sauce. It almost tastes like they followed a normal buffalo recipe (Louisiana style hot sauce + butter) but replaced some of the Louisiana hot sauce with Sriracha and added a touch of duck sauce. This sauce was great.

I give this sauce a 4.5 out of 5.

The 2nd flavor I ordered was general tso’s. If you have been to Toyko Robotos then you know it was the exact same sauce they offer there. Its sweet, a little spicy, and has a lot of teriyaki to it. General tso’s sauce tends to be a little bit different everywhere you can get it. This one is not my favorite but it’s good. I would have liked a little more of it on the wings.

I give this sauce a 3 out of 5.

The wings them self were a normal size. What I liked about them was the crunch. These wings were crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Another thing I liked, the wings were separated in the box so the flavors did not mix. I got way more sauce on the shanghai buffalo wings than the General Tso’s wings which was disappointing.

The wasabi ranch sauce was great on the french fries and on its own. It isn’t spicy (which is what I was expecting). Instead, it is more of a hint of wasabi flavor in the ranch. It gives the ranch a nice flavor and almost makes it refreshing. It is also great when on the shanghai buffalo. It did not go well on the general tsos chicken. Luckily, I took some duck sauce which did go well on those wings.

The wasabi ranch gets a 4 out of 5.

The french fries were battered like curly fries (which is not a bad thing). The outside had a nich crunch. The inside wasn’t as fluffy as I like but it did have a potato taste to them. These fries lacked seasoning. It’s not often I ask for my salt on the french fries. In the end though, I still found these fries addicting.

The fries get a 3.5 out of 5.

Overall: I can’t believe this is the first time I had chicken wings with these flavors. The idea works well. I also think if it was opened later it could become a big spot in Tallahassee. These wings scream drunk or hangover food (and they are located across from some popular late night spots). If you want chicken wings with unique flavors give Wangs Wings a shot. If you want anything other than wings you are better off somewhere else.

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