Restaurant Review: Your Pie Tallahassee FL

I went to “Your Pie” only knowing two things about it. I knew it was a new pizza place in Tallahassee and that it was a chain restaurant. The concept initially sounded great to me. “Your Pie” is a make your own pizza place – subway style. I couldn’t help but think who doesn’t want to make their own pizza? After all, people are particular about their pizza toppings. That’s when it hit me. Who doesn’t already customize their pizza order? I mean yes, if you order a pizza one might choose a meat lovers pizza, a white pie, etc. However, even though most places offer a choice of specialty pies, all the pizza places I have ever been to allow me to customize my pizza as well.


So what makes this place different? A few things perhaps. All of the pizzas are made on a wood fire oven. It also has a wider variety of toppings then most places. Finally, they offer in-house made gelato.

The place is obviously targeted at college students. The actual atmosphere is similar to a bar or a sports grill. It’s a little bit dark inside with a lot of chalk boards and wood furniture. The did have some decent drink specials and a coke a cola remix machine AKA every coke a cola drink in one machine.


The staff was friendly as could be. They talked to me the entire time they were making my pizza. They were efficient and they believed in the product. One staff member even told me if it was my first time there then I would be back again soon. I was impressed with the employees.

Comparing “Your Pie” to subway was not far off. Their ordering process is the same. You start at one end of the counter and choose a crust. They then hand stretch the crust in front of you. You then go down the line choosing a sauce type, cheese, and toppings. You can choose one item of each category before they charge you extra. The pizza is then put into the wood fire oven for about 5 minutes.


The pizza itself was a mixed bag. “Your Pie” suffers from trying to do too much. They offer traditional items (tomato sauce and pepperoni) but they also offer the untraditional ingredients such as Thai sauce and tofu. The pizza I ordered consisted of

  • ·         white crust
  • ·         tomato sauce
  • ·         ricotta cheese
  • ·         fresh mozzarella (they have shredded as well)
  • ·         pepperoni
  • ·         sausage
  • ·         mushrooms


It was about $8.50 for this 8 inch pizza. The crust had a good flavor to it but I wish it had cooked a bit longer to get that nice wood oven crust. The tomato sauce didn’t make sense. One bite – no flavor, two bites – spicy, three bites – too sweet. It was like the sauce wasn’t mixed properly. The pepperoni had a nice bite and kick to them. The sausage however was lacking texture and flavor. The ricotta cheese was surprisingly creamy and sweet. I enjoyed it a lot. The fresh mozzarella was bland (even if it was fresh). The mushrooms however tasted great. They were defiantly fresh and full of flavor. And that’s what it comes down to. Some of the ingredients I tried were great and others were boring. None of it was bad – some of it just lacking a personality. The success of your pizza seems to be determined on if the ingredients chosen are some of “Your Pie’s” strong or weak ones. It might take a few trips there to determine which ingredients are worth it.


Just a note: “Your Pie” offers gluten-free dough as an option.

I did order any gelato but I did try a sample. It might be worth it to visit just for the gelato. It was creamy, delicious, and offered many flavors.


Will I go back to “Your Pie”? I would, but I wouldn’t rush out there. There are better pizza places in Tallahassee but this one is not the worst either. It’s a great place to go if you have a few people who want pizza and no one can agree on what kind. It can be above average or boring – just depends on how you order.

If you’re interested in contacting “Your Pie”:


800 Ocala Road, Suite 350 Tallahassee, Florida 32304

Mon – Thu 11am – 10pm Fri – Sat 11am – 11pm Sun 11am – 10pm

A more detailed menu is available from the website.


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