Restaurant Review: Newk’s Express Cafe Tallahassee, FL

This week I have a guest review from one of my best friends (and fellow foodie). If you want my opinion here’s the short version. The food was ok, but I wouldn’t go back unless someone else picked the restaurant. Now, on to the review.

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Recipe: Stuffed Cabbage

About This Recipe

This is recipe I grew up eating quite often. In fact, it was one of the items always on the kitchen table for Thanksgiving. The recipe originally comes from my grandmother, but I have always had it made by my father. Until a few weeks ago, I had never made this dish before. I wasn’t even sure how the sauce was made. When I visited my parents recently, I was able to spend some quality time with my father and we made the dish together. Just like my father, I can’t follow a recipe, so I have made a few alternations  ( I added some white wine for example).

If you are not a fan of cabbage, I would still give this recipe a try. The filling tastes great on its own. In fact, when I was younger, that’s the only way I would eat it.


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