Restaurant Review: Korean BBQ and More, Tallahassee FL

As my time being a graduate student comes to an end, a new point in my life beings. In anticipation of this, I will be moving to the other side of town, away from Florida States campus, next year. One of the things I am going to miss most about the student side of town is Korean BBQ and more.


I discovered this gem of a restaurant on accident. Driving around town, I had passed Korean BBQ and more many times before and always assumed it was closed. I was partially correct. One day, I was in the shopping center having a work lunch at the Chinese buffet next door. When I walked by Korean BBQ I realized why I always thought it was closed. The place has weird hours. They are only open 4pm to 8pm Tuesday thru Saturday. I took their odd hours as a challenge – I became determined to eat there.

The restaurant is small. It only has 5 tables and a small bar area to eat at. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the audience already eating. The only people already in the place were of Asian descent. I took this as a good sign for authenticity. However, this is the only Korean barbecue I have ever had so I do not know for sure.


The friendly owner promptly greeted us and took our orders. He then explained how the restaurant worked. All of the menu items are $7.99. Some choices include BBQ Beef (bulgogi) and Pork served with white sticky rice. After placing your order, you are entitled to an unlimited amount of side items and your choice of hot tea and barley tea. The side items change daily but usually include 2 soups and sides (such as miso soup and kimchi). Sodas are available for a fee. Your main dish is brought out to you when it is ready.


The food was delicious. It comes to the table in a to go container with foil separating the meat from the rice. The beef as a great depth of flavor. Each bite hits a different part of the palate. The white rice is very sticky and tastes how you would expect. The sides are a mixed bag for me. Some of them I really like, such as the peanut and bean sprout salad. Others, such as the kimchi, are just too salty for me. It’s the main dishes that keep me going back. The beef, to me, has a such a great flavor. The portions are big enough that I can usually make to meals of my food. Especially if I put some of the side items in my to go container on the way out.

I would suggest not bothering with the soda if you like tea. The cold barley tea upon the first few sips to be weird. However, after drinking a little more, it became my drink of choice at the restaurant.


I eventually asked the owner why the odd hours. He said the restaurant was originally opened to cater to a Korean population just outside of Tallahassee that comes into town to shop. He wanted them to have a place to eat before returning to their town. He never expected Tallahassee natives to want to eat there. This also explains the size of the restaurant.

Korean BBQ is probably the one place in Tallahassee you have never eaten at, but should.

Korean BBQ and More can be contacted at:
2624 West Tennessee St. Tallahassee FL 32304
(850) 574-4151
Hours: Open 4pm to 8pm Tuesday thru Saturday

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  • Review was spot on! Korean BBQ & More is delicious – a personal favorite hidden away from the standard places in town.