Restaurant Review: Joe Mama’s Wood Fired Pizza, Tallahassee FL

I had a fantastic opportunity today thanks to the Tallahassee Food Bloggers Association (#tfba). The group got together for the first time and went behind the scenes of a new restaurant in Tallahassee. That restaurant was Joe Mama’s Wood Fired Pizza. Special thanks to the TFBA and Joe Mama’s manager, Devon Nunneley for getting this event together.

During the event, I got to explore the restaurant. I met the chefs, owner, managers, staff, fellow local food bloggers, saw the kitchen, wood fire oven, food preparation, learn about their family/restaurant story and their food philosophy.


There was a lot of great, in depth nerdy food knowledge that I learned at Joe Mama’s, especially concerning pizza. Here are some of the things I think the average food goer and foodie would want to know: Continue reading

Food Tour – Charleston South Carolina – Day 1

Hello internet.

The past few weeks have been crazy. Work, school, internship, wedding planning – it never ends. None of this is a bad thing though. Life is good. I wanted my next post to be a recipe for fig jam. I have a recipe coming up that is dependent on the fig jam first. However, I am on vacation right now. I am spending the next 3 days in Charleston, South Carolina. I have never been here before and I happen to be visiting with two other foodies.

That’s what led me to this post idea. I tend to go out of town a lot and I like to try the local food. So I thought, why not show the good food related things I come across. These kinds of posts will be more pictures than anything else.



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