Virtual Blog Tour: Crazy Dumplings Cookbook

Hi everyone. I first wanted to start by saying a big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the Cooking Planit giveaway. I was very happy with the response I received. A winner has been chosen. I will announce the name as soon as I get confirmation from Cooking Planit that the spices have shipped. Keep reading for more giveaways in the future.


Now I have a special treat. A new cookbook is coming out via kickstarter soon and the author is currently on a virtual book (or blog) tour. Today, I am going to share with you some information about the cookbook and a few of the recipes as a sneak preview. The cookbook is called the Crazy Dumplings. I hope to have a cookbook one day and could not resist helping Amanda Roberts (the author) get her name out there.

Amanda Roberts moved to China in 2010 to live out her dream of becoming an English teacher. Little did she know that the hardest adjustment to life in a new country would be the food! After three years, Amanda is ready to release her first cookbook, Crazy Dumplings! Amanda is attempting to kickstart the book.

Here is the link to the kickstarter:

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There are some great reward levels including a digital copy of the book at only the $10 level, a physical copy of the book at only the $15 level, and the awesome dumpling dumplinger at only the $20 level (the most popular level for this campaign). But at the $50 level, backers can even submit their own awesome dumpling ideas to be included in the book.

Crazy Dumplings will contain 30 of my original dumpling recipes plus 5 dumpling recipes submitted by backers, the dumpling wrapper recipe, and several original sauce and dip recipes such as buffalo sauce, guacamole, and salsa. There are dumpling recipes for appetizers, main courses, and desserts. You could even prepare a whole Thanksgiving dinner totally out of dumplings with this book!

To find out more about the author visit these links:

Now without further wait, here are 3 recipes from the cookbook. There comes straight from the cookbook so they do not fit my normal format:

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Homemade Dumpling Wrappers:


3/4 cups flour
1/3 cup boiling water
Dash of salt
Flour for dusting

1) Mix flour and salt together in a mixing bowl.
2) Drizzle in water, mixing with a chopstick or fork.
3) Leave in bowl, covered with plastic wrap for 15 minutes.
4) Gather dough up into a ball and kneed on counter for a minute or two (until the dough is smooth)
5) Pinch off small portion of dough and roll into a ball (about 1 inch in diameter). Roll out into a flat circle on the counter, dusting with flour to keep dough from sticking.
6) Put small amount of preferred dumpling stuffing mixture into the middle of the flat dumpling wrapper. Pinch the dumpling closed.
7) Cook dumplings.
a. To fry dumpling, preheat oil for 30 second then lower heat. Cook dumpling on each side for only about one minute or until golden brown.
b. To steam dumplings, place in a steamer or on an elevated plate in a wok over water for about 10 minutes.
c. To boil dumplings, place in boiling water for about 5 minutes.
8) Always cut a dumpling open to make sure it cooked through.




Refried Beans


1 cup dried pinto beans
lots of water


1) Soak beans overnight (about 8 hours; one cup of dry beans will yield about 3 cups of soaked beans)
2) Boil beans for about 4 hours on medium heat
3) The water will boil away, so be sure to add more water to the beans about every hour.
4) Add 3 cups of beans and ½ cup of water to a blender and blend until smooth.
5) Pour beans into a pan and fry for about 5 minutes on low heat.

Burrito Dumplings


12 ounces of refried beans (canned or homemade)
½ cup shredded cheese
2 tablespoons chili seasoning
2 tablespoons ground cumin
½ tablespoon garlic seasoning
Salsa, cheese sauce, guacamole, sour cream (all possible optional dips)
12 dumpling wrappers


1. Mix beans, cheese, and seasonings together in a bowl.
2. Spoon mixture into dumpling wrapper.
3. Fry dumplings in oil for about 1 minute on each side or until golden brown.
4. Serve with favorite dip.


I hope you guys enjoyed a sneak peak at the recipes in the Crazy Dumplings cookbook. Maybe in the future I will try and kickstart a Cook the Blog Cookbook.

  • LowellN

    Bean burrito dumplings… no thanks. If you are going to put forth the effort to make the “skins” yourself then stuffing them with beans is an abominations.

    I’m not trying to hate on Amanda as I know how hard it is to adjust to life (and food) in another country. But part of me wants to assume they don’t pay English teachers in China very much. As a result, Amanda had to be resourceful with what few ingredients she could find. While foreign markets have all sort of awesome and interesting culinary delights… they also have things that will scare you into a hunger strike.

    Hopefully Amanda has included recipes for full-on yummy dumplings which include things like chicken, pork, bean sprouts, ginger, green onion, and soy sauce… (as we are used to from the local Chinese place.) 🙂

    • I will have “regular” dumpling recipes in the book, but most of these are CRAZY dumplings, a new way to look at something old. I think you’d be surprised at what you can fit in a dumpling wrapper.