About Cook the Blog

Hello, my name is Josh. Welcome to my food blog. I learned to cook from my father and have been doing so for about 15 years. My only “professional” experience comes from working at McDonald’s (notice the quotes around professional). Other tips and tricks I have learned come from The Food Network, cook books, blogs, and my own personal experimentation. Currently, I am a Masters student (Instructional Systems) and work full-time in IT. I love sharing my food and hope to one day own my own restaurant and publish a cook book.

The name for this blog comes from a play off the phrase “cook the book”. Since I am still learning how to cook, I figured I would take the Internet along with me. I am proud to post my successes and failures. This blog will encompass:

•My trials and tribulations perfecting my recipes
•My tests of existing recipes from different books, blogs, and TV
•Food news
•Restaurant reviews
•Healthy meal ideas (for home and the office)
•Cooking my way through different styles of food
•Anything else that comes to mind

Thanks for reading. This blog can be enjoyed by novice cooks and foodies alike. I encourage comments, questions, and criticisms. I can be reached at:

Email – cookingtheblog@gmail.com
Twitter – @CookTheBlog
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cook-The-Blog/185031151550802#!/pages/Cook-The-Blog/185031151550802?sk=wall
Flickr – cook the blog
Pinterest – cooktheblog

And now, onto cooking the blog

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