Food Tour – Charleston South Carolina – The rest of day 1 and the half of Day 2

Let’s start with the end of day 1 before I talk about day 2.

First stop of the night, Boone’s
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Food Tour – Charleston South Carolina – Day 1

Hello internet.

The past few weeks have been crazy. Work, school, internship, wedding planning – it never ends. None of this is a bad thing though. Life is good. I wanted my next post to be a recipe for fig jam. I have a recipe coming up that is dependent on the fig jam first. However, I am on vacation right now. I am spending the next 3 days in Charleston, South Carolina. I have never been here before and I happen to be visiting with two other foodies.

That’s what led me to this post idea. I tend to go out of town a lot and I like to try the local food. So I thought, why not show the good food related things I come across. These kinds of posts will be more pictures than anything else.



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