Cook the Blog and Grasslands Brewery

If anyone is interested in that beer and food event I mentioned earlier this year, it is finally happening. It will be held this Sunday. Free food and local beer, what more could you ask for?

If you would like to attend, please send me an email for the details. I can be reached at .

Also, visit the Grasslands Brewery website:

Cook the Blog: The Podcast?

Hello everyone. I had to make a podcast as a class assignment. So I figured, why not do it on cooking and post it to my blog? And thus, Cook the Blog: The Podcast was created. I am not expecting to make another podcast, but if I get good reception, I will consider it.

Anyway, click the link below to give it a listen and leave feedback if your inclined. It’s goofy, and you can probably tell it was originally made for a class. If I do continue this, the format would probably change a bit.

Cook the Blog: The Podcast

Coming soon, a review of Backwoods Bistro and a recipe for fig jam.