Recipe Key

How to use my recipes correctly

 a key to recreate my recipes in your household

My recipes shouldn’t be recreated exactly as presented for best results. When cooking in various kitchens there are many variables to take into account. Many brands of cooking products taste different. A 5 on a stove top will not be the same temperature as a 5 on another stove. Some stoves use a different indicator to indicate heat (rather than numbers). Personal tastes between people are overall different. An aluminum pan stores heat differently than a cast iron pan. I could be using equipment that you do not own.  I cannot account for all these instances in my recipes.

My advice to combat this? Have fun in the kitchen, trust your judgement, use the freshest ingredients possible, and cater to your audiences taste buds. There are times when I will not give an exact measurement of an ingredient. That just means I feel it falls into an area where the cooks best judgement is better than the recipe. Likewise, I encourage you to experiment. My measurements aren’t usually exact anyway. One of my favorite things about reading recipes is actually the comments below. I love seeing the readers talk about what they liked and didn’t like about the recipe. I like hearing what they changed about the recipe and why they changed it. I feel it is a compliment to a chef if their recipe inspired ideas. Reading recipe’s is how I get many ideas for my meals.

So, if I was use a lot of garlic in my recipe but you don’t like garlic, make a change. For example, cut it down or leave it out all together. Like a lot of salt and I only used a little? Add more. Make my recipes your own and you will succeed. If you are unsure of how to edit the recipe, you could always follow it directly. Or ,if you like my recipe, there is nothing wrong with following it to a tee either. I wouldn’t have designed the recipe if I didn’t think it was amazing.

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Office Smoothie
Pulled Pork
Stuffed Cabbage
Teriyaki Sauce
Wild Mushroom Risotto