Recipe: Barbecue Rub

About This Recipe

This is going to be the first of a 3 part series. I am going to show you my BBQ rub, my barbecue sauce, then how to put it all together to make an excellent pulled pork (without the need for a smoker). However, the rub and the sauce also work great on beef, chicken, fish, or any other meat you can think of.

Barbecue recipes are some of the most closely guarded recipes out there. Asking someone for a recipe like this is like asking someone’s else’s grandma for a family recipe. These recipes are also some of the most superstitions I have ever come across. A lot of people can’t even tell you why specific ingredients are part of the recipe. I am happy to share with the world the rub I use on my BBQ.

I like to think of a BBQ rub as meant to be a hotchpotch of flavors. A bunch of things that wouldn’t go together in any other style of cooking. I like my rub to have a sweet, spicy, deep and varied flavor. I also think it’s important that the rub doesn’t overpower the meat.

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