Cook the Blog: Wild Mushroom Risotto

Welcome to my first Cook the Blog post. This is a feature where I will take a recipe from around the web (or another blog) and recreate the dish. In other words, I am going to make their recipe, highlight my changes, clarify directions, and show the final product.

For my first post I will be using Anne Burrell’s (Food Network) Wild Mushroom Risotto. For those of you who don’t know, Risotto is rice that eats like pasta in sauce. It is my favorite way to eat rice.


The original recipe:

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Recipe: Elsa’s Favorite Grilled Chicken

About This Recipe

The are certain things I make that I have many recipes for. These recipes are usually for foods that go with a lot of different side dishes or combine in many ways as a main dish. One of these such recipes is for grilled chicken. Depending on if it’s going on a salad, a sandwich, or anything else I’m making I tend to add different flavors to my grilled chicken. This recipe is my girlfriends favorite that I make. She will eat it on anything. This recipe has a little kick to it from some Hungarian Paprika which I use a lot because of my roots. I will come back and post more of my different grilled chicken recipes in the future.

Elsa's Favorite Grilled Chicken

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