Technique: How to Caramelize Onions

Caramelized onions are one of my favorite ingredients. They go great on burgers, sandwiches, in pasta, on a pizza, or even in casseroles. Why bother though? Although preparing caramelized onions is rather easy, it takes time. Caramelized onions have a sweeter and deeper flavor than raw onions. Also, it’s a way to get an onion flavor into a recipe for people that do not like onions. A lot of people have a taste aversion to raw onions. Just ask Scott Conant:

As much as I love caramelized onions, there is a specific reason why I am writing this article now. I have a special recipe that I am going to share soon that requires them. More info on that recipe coming soon.

This is my first recipe I am posting since I have moved. That means after the break, there is a much nicer kitchen to be seen. I love my new gas stove.

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Recipe: Meatballs

About This Recipe

 I decided to share another recipe that builds on the tomato sauce we already made. If you haven’t made that tomato sauce a store bought one will work fine. I like big flavors and that’s what I focused on for these recipe. I actually had someone once tell me these were “meatloaf” meatballs. One day I will come back to this and show you how to stuff the meatballs with cheese.

Finished Meatballs 2

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Recipe: Garlic Tomato Sauce

About the recipe

To me all pasta sauces should be made from scratch. It doesn’t matter if its tomato, alfredo, pesto, vodka, or any other kind of sauce. Fresh pasta sauce makes all the difference in the world when working with pasta. The preservatives put into these (canned) sauces edit the flavor dramatically. I like my sauce without high fructose corn syrup. What’s nice about a homemade tomato sauce is how versatile it is. You can add virtually any spice or vegetable to it (popular choices are celery, carrot, onion, garlic, bell peppers, and mushrooms). This makes tomato sauce from scratch a great healthy choice (and a good way to trick kids into eating their vegetables). Since this is my first tomato sauce being posted (and the first recipe in general) I am going to keep it basic. This garlic tomato sauce is fantastic over pasta with meatballs. If you aren’t a big garlic fan don’t worry. If you cut it down it still tastes great.

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