Cook the Blog: Cluster’s and Hops Grilled Goat Cheese Sandwich

This is it. The main event. After weeks of anticipation I am posting the full recipe to Cluster’s and Hops “Grilled Goat Cheese Sandwich”. I should say upfront – this is not an official recipe. I am not some special person who knows the chef or anything. I just really liked the sandwich when I ate it and decided to do a bit of food hacking. I won’t say this recipe is exact – but it is pretty close.

Here is how Cluster’s and Hops describes the sandwich on their menu:
GRILLED GOAT CHEESE SANDWICH roasted eggplant, carmelized onion, goat cheese, fig jam, lavender & white truffle oil on grilled rosemary olive bread

Now, let’s get started.


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Recipe: Linguini in Brown Butter Truffle Cream

About This Recipe

Until this year I had never had truffle oil. In fact, there was a time I thought truffle meant chocolate. For those of you who don’t know, a truffle is a rare mushroom that grows under the ground. The chocolate ones are supposed to look like the mushroom. Truffle oil is a taste and smell that one really can’t describe. It is something that needs to be tried at least once by everyone. There are a few places in Tallahassee that offer dishes featuring truffle oil (such as Clusters & Hops and The Wine Loft). I still haven’t had an actual truffle, they are too expensive. This dish was the first usage I came up with for truffle oil.


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